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TonkaBI was established in 2015, coming with nearly two decades of prior software industry experience from the top tech companies around the world. TonkaBI understands business and business goals, merging development skills and business skills means that delivery is focused on results and strong returns of investment. Today, we are developing automation and AI software solutions for many different businesses from world leaders in insurance to vehicle inspector and valuators through to mobility start-ups.

TonkaBI has 3 main office locations, London, Mumbai and New York

We have a strong focus on new technologies such as, robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. These subjects are vast and are being applied to different use cases around the world and TonkaBI is ready to deliver these for clients. Although Ai is advanced, it still isn’t at a level how movies portray it. Its not going to do everything at once for all businesses. Technology is just not there yet and we humans still have the upper hand at general intelligence. TonkaBI is at the forefront of integrating technology into human processes, augmenting the human based teams and enabling them to offer superior customer facing solutions.

We hear a lot of concerns and worry about artificial intelligence such as widespread job losses or taking over complete industries. In short, it won’t. What this software will do is change the way your business operates and in the way you and your company make decisions. Ai is a fantastic tool for businesses to adopt in this fast-paced data drive world!

How do TonkaBI support clients as partners?

We service our clients in their time zone. If you’re based in Hong Kong or Chile, we have you covered. We use the latest software management tools to ensure the delivery process is as efficient as possible. Our management team will keep you up to date with everything through collaboration tools, video calls, emails and project meetings. All online or in person. Open when you are.

Our team are great problem solvers and highly skilled at what they do. We all come with unique skills and a wide range of industry experience. We work with you as a partner, every step of the way, making sure each and every step meets requirements and expectations.

Why should I care?

When you start working with TonkaBI you become a partner. At TonkaBI, we take care of your company and your business, we listen to your ideas, requirements and motivations. Our team delivers and aims to go above and beyond your expectations.

Trust and partnerships are more important when working with automation and AI. Choosing the right company is more critical. Moving from human processes to automation means a big transfer of knowledge and leverage. 2 years down the track if the vendor is wrong you may have accidentally handed this bad actor the keys to your business.

What do TonkaBI do?

TonkaBI is a business software development company who specialises in automation and artificial intelligent solutions that deliver real outcomes. Today, more and more businesses are transitioning to become data driven and building in automation to smooth out customer experiences. This is business evolution. This is where partnerships comes in. With our years of industry expertise and subject knowledge you can think of TonkaBI as a part of your own company. We work with you to evolve and grow with your market demands. Check out our vision page and automation page. We are your experts, on tap when you need us.

What are the benefits of working with TonkaBI?

TonkaBI are dedicated to our partners and projects, we are loyal and transparent. These are key factors when growing a long-lasting partnership. We can work on short term/long term basis, we are agile. Working with TonkaBI allows you to accelerate your adoption of new technologies, based on firm costs and explicit deadlines, all in the knowledge that you still own your process and data. TonkaBI delivers results by building on its core well advanced technology. TonkaBI is constantly adding features and learning into its core. This speeds you up and allows you to stay out in front, secure in the knowledge that, as a business, you own your process. TonkaBI is not going to sell the experience of working with you to another client. We work on a basis that allows your business to grow fast, taking advantage of our AI and Automation . Check out our articles for more info.

How does TonkaBI software work?

TonkaBI has a set of core products that are waiting for you. These products are used to build your process on top. These are our accelerator products. TonkaBI is skilled at taking small data sets for new areas of development and turning these into products for our customers. Working with Big Data is great but working with Small Data opens up new opportunities for partners while providing new insights and challenges. Computer vision is a new technology and can be applied to many areas. TonkaBI is an expert in computer vision, meaning we know how to start a new concept with a client as well as developing our core products into client products and services within a short period of time. We can offer our software through an API or on premises. We offer SaaS models or fixed cost license models.

Why is TonkaBI different?

If you have read the above we recommend reading some of our articles or getting in contact to find out why and how we are truly different.

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