Was founded on a simple belief – transforming data into business intelligence. Our focus is to work with businesses who want to be data driven. We like to think of our clients as partners, where we enable their vision to come alive.

We understand partnerships are built on trust, straightforward discussions, honesty, delivery and results. These are our core values and are at the heart of everything we do. We have a unique business model where our clients own the tools we develop with their data. Check out our article page to find out more.

TonkaBI is set up to bring data science and new technologies together, enabling efficiencies of programs across many industries including insurance, automotive, finance and logistics.

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What does TonkaBI do?

You become a partner not a client. We accelerate your automation vision. Tailored software as per your businesses and specific requirements. Industry experience. Read more


Why TonkaBI?

At our heart we are a software development company who specialise in Ai computer vision. TonkaBI enjoys helping our partners transform their businesses and solving their problems. Read more


Benefits of TonkaBI?

All your IP, value and data that your company owns remains with you at all times. Apart from being a transparent and ethical company, one of TonkaBI’s philosophies is to be agile, we can work on short term or long term partnerships whichever is more accommodating for you. Read more


How does our software work?

We have an array of products waiting for you to customise as per your business and company. We can offer software as a service through an API connection or on premises. We can offer SaaS models or fixed cost license models. Read more


Why is TonkaBI different?

We understand the restrictions of a start-up together with the ambition. At the same time, we are experienced in working with large organisations and dealing with their expectations. We recommend getting in touch to truly understand. Read more

On a monthly basis TonkaBI's technology processes…
  • Thousands of images
  • Thousands of claims
  • Creates hundreds of new policies
  • And analyses thousands and millions of data points which drives a straight through process


What is automation? Automation is when you take a human process or procedure and execute the steps through software with zero or minimal human intervention. Automation covers a wide range of applications from automating home central heating to insurance claims to management reports to a large commercial system processing thousands of inputs and outputs per hour.

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What is computer vision? Computer vision provides the computer with the ability of sight. Computer vision algorithms are different from one another tackling each use case with a different approach. Check out our vision article to find out how computer and humans see differently.

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What is data analytics? We split this question into two categories, Analytics and Analysis.

Analytics aids the discovery of meaningful patterns in data which allow users to make effective decisions for your company. Data Analysis is the transformation, cleaning and modelling of raw data with the focus of discovering new and useful information which otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

Analysis focuses on understanding past events and or historic data – what, why, where, when, who and how. Analytics focuses on why it happened and what could happen in the future – forecasting based on the past predictive analytics. Apply analysis to analytics.

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