What is OCR? Optical character recognition/reader (OCR) converts images of text, handwritten, or printed text into machine text. The images can be a scanned document or a photo containing text.

OCR can be defined to a sub class of computer vision and similar to computer vision OCR technology does not actually see the words or text rather it sees pixels that represent a letter or a word.

OCR can be applied to many use cases and be embedded into many processes. As an example TonkaBI use OCR for vehicle license plate reading which is embedded into our Ai vehicle analysis process. A widely used use case for OCR is data entry. OCR can dramatically reduce data entry time and effort while ensuring consistent data entry quality is maintained.

Invoices & OCR

Change data entry forever using OCR technology. Extract all meaningful data effortlessly and accurately with minimal input. OCR and machine learning pulls all useful data from scanned or photographed documents and images. Inset this technology into any process and see productivity flourish.

Tickets & OCR

Apply this technology to product information extraction to build a straight through process of a first notification of loss or a first point of contact. It helps create a faster and better experience.

Verification of information by extraction, transformation and connection. Extract all necessary data, transform data into meaning – identify customer, location and destination, connect to other sources of data for verification.

Product Information & OCR

Reading product information can be used to support the visually impaired in tackling everyday simple tasks such as reading the brand or facts. OCR technology will pull and read all vital information that is needed to process and complete the task.

OCR can be applied to product information analysis to analyse its nutritional content or compare to another leading brand and competitor.

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