TonkaBI was founded on one simple belief – transforming your data into business intelligence.

Our focus is to remodel businesses into data driven organisations.

TonkaBI Ai image processing analyses vehicles for damage in real time.

Augmented insurance claim procesing with TonkaBI AI

Artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning (Ml) technology is making a huge impact in the insurance industry. TonkaBI Ai images and claims processing has enabled the insurance industry to scale up and remove the prolonged waiting time in estimating quotes and finalising claims. The goal for us is to take the current process with all time and effort and reduce this down to a few minutes and with considerably less human intervention, insurers can provide their policy holders with an accurate quote for the repair of their vehicle.

What makes us tick

Henry – TonkaBI CEO “We are more than a provider of data analytics solutions. We like to think of our clients as a partnership, where we enable your vision to come alive. The challenge of working with organisations is to understand what is valuable and worth extracting and what is not. This is where our commitment and core values lie. We stand for partnership, straightforward, honesty, speed, results. These core values are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Team

Our core experience comes from over 20 years of international insurance knowledge . TonkaBI combines cutting edge technology with team experience that goes beyond the typical service and project delivery route. Our technology transcends normal vertical restraints and our team has a broad spectrum of business experience and insight that comes from dealing with data in all forms to bring value to companies.

Committed to customer success

We bring specific industry and functional experience to the market. Our flexible approach, blended with consulting and support services, ensure clients get the most from TonkaBI. Our track record proves that we are adaptable and able to deliver customize solutions for our client partners around the world.

What Our Clients Say



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