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Earn a high return of investment with TonkaBI's Machine Learning

Machine learning automation delivers a high level of efficiency that isn’t humanly possible and will increase query response time by a 100%. The most mundane tasks within processing and within business systems can be carried out by embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence). This has been proven to be highly effective and more efficient than any human. Machines work without breaks - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and no holidays. That’s being productive!

What your customers experience from their perspective can be illustrated through distress signals. These distress signals can be taught to machines through machine learning algorithms. The machine will then identify these small issues in real time, allowing companies to take immediate action for the resolution. Watch, report, respond and manage all in real time giving you the ability to resolve small customer service issues before they build up into a big issue.

How is this done?

TonkaBI will complete a structured audit and scope of your requirements and how your company operates and processes data to gain insight into your business. This will be crucial for when the project commences. More importantly this will help TonkaBI understand you and your company and during this time what you desire from the technology and find important, will be highlighted and expectations can be laid out. Communication is the key to success through-out the whole project.

Once the project scope is set and the audit is complete and all parties have agreed upon the delivery TonkaBI will start a PoC (proof of concept). The aim of the PoC is to again understand and gain knowledge, furthermore, to start implementation of the ML algorithm into a small sector of your business, to provide proof that machine is indeed working, adding value to your business and also expectations are getting fulfilled.

TonkaBI’s team will be continuously working with you every step of the way to improve and optimise the code. This is all a part of our service and determination to bring you the best results and value into your business.

Once the machine has spent time in your system and the algorithms have adapted and gained insight this is where your will start to see a ROT (return of investment). As mentioned the biggest plus factor for machine automation is the ability of continuation at rapid rates, no breaks, no holidays just 24/7 work!

Every TonkaBI MI and AI solution is unique and one of a kind, we create solutions for software.

Double your service and speed with a call center bot

Augment your business with machine learning invest in your future

Speed is always important when dealing with your customers, especially when your competition has an automated machine learning artificial intelligence call center bot. An average human can accept and make 10 to 20 calls an hour, chat bots can handle 10 to 20 calls a second with a 100% response rate 24/7. This means your contact center can be open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, helping your business to grow organically through excellent service.

Messenger bot apps and embedded business chat bots have long over taken social media as a way to communicate to customers. This goes beyond communicating with friends and family and your colleagues. Businesses are increasingly using messaging bot apps to scale their business and to interact with customers to gain better service and insight.

The more businesses expand and invest in communication channels with their existing customers and attempt to gain new customers, this means more data is created and more data that needs to be captured in a correct format. The captured data, throughout various stages from your business, is vital for scaling in the future.

Machine learning and data analytics are fantastic tools to solve such problems. These tools have become more and more in demand as business data has been growing. Machine learning can be extremely useful to track user interactions and understand the way customers use your service. Data analytics is an advanced report and query building tool. TonkaBI has built their data analytics tool around this by giving their clients the power to analyse their own data. TonkaBI analytics tool is a workbench analytics system and this helps you define your data and build actionable queries from the ground up.

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